Green Chutney

A mix of greens for chutney.

Concentrating on the power of greens particularly during these times when we need to make our immunity strong. I try to include a green chutney regularly. These are all from my pots. On the plate:

Mint, fennel fronds (saunf leaves), carrot leaves, coriander leaves, purslane. These are washed and ground to a paste with the addition of half of a small onion, a few cloves of garlic, a small piece of ginger, green chilli, salt and one small unripe mango. The last can also be substituted with anything acidic. Lemon juice is commonly used but when it’s the season of green unripe mangoes, one tends to make the most of them.

Carrot leaves growing well. I had chopped off the tops and planted them.

With carrots (I have mentioned this before) I usually cut the tops off and plant in my pots. The growth is usually good and the leaves, apart from chutney, are also added to dal and bhaji.

Chocolate & peanut butter tart with pressed pansies, nasturtium and carrot leaves

And talking about carrot leaves, I have also started drying them so that I can use them in cakes and other desserts. Above is a picture of a chocolate and peanut butter tart that I made on my birthday in February. Happy to say that this was demolished in no time. I had never thought that I’d use carrot leaves in a dessert. But I follow a few edible flower sites and i am totally inspired by their posts.

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