Hung Curd & Jamun Jam Cheesecake

Hung curd & jamun jam cheesecake

I do have a sweet tooth. Although the quantity of sugar in my desserts isn’t much, I enjoy a sweet treat after a meal. And when I run out of ingredients, this is one dessert I make. Either in a mould or in bowls and glasses for individual servings.

As I type this, the Covid situation is bad in our state. I only venture out to the neighbourhood stores for essentials. That too, once in every 8-10 days. This dessert was made with whatever I had on hand. I started with the curd. A bowl of home-set curd was placed on a strainer lined with cheesecloth. The strainer sat on a bowl where the whey would drain. The cheesecloth was bunched up and tied with a string so that the liquid would not escape from any opening in the cloth. I left it on the counter for a couple of hours, then placed the whole thing in the fridge for 48 hours. For firmer hung curd, I feel that it needs 48 hours.

Drained of all the whey, this is how the hung curd looked after 48 hours.

I did thought about using gelatine to make the cheesecake firmer. But then gave it up. Because once I have made this type of dessert a few times. And it can be sliced despite being on the soft side. The first time I made it was when I watched an episode on Fox Traveller where Chef Kiran Jethwa makes one such cheesecake in Banaras. And I was hooked!

Coming back to the recipe, I crushed 10 Good Day biscuits and added 3 tablespoons of melted butter. I used a small mould with a removable bottom and put the biscuit and butter mixture on the base. I used the bottom of a glass to spread and press the crumbs firmly to the base of the mould. This was then chilled for 30 minutes.

In the meantime I took out 2 heaped tablespoons of jamun jam. I had made the jam during the height of the berry season with a mix of jaggery and sugar. The berries came from my tree. I used a tablespoon of thick cream and blitzed the jam in the mixer. To this I added the hung curd and gave it a good mix. By this time, the biscuit base had hardened in the fridge and I emptied the curd mixture on to the base. With a spatula, I levelled the surface.

Cheesecake made with biscuit base, hung curd mixed with jamun jam, and a topping of dried diced fruit.
Ready to be relished!

The toppings came from a packet of Kellogg’s meusli which also contained diced dried fruit pieces. I used peach, papaya, and raisins. And even a few almond slivers. This was again placed in the fridge where it stayed overnight.

Before serving, I scattered a few homegrown dried roses on the surface. The cheesecake was sliced by dipping a knife in warm water and after wiping it. Despite the softness of the dessert, it sliced well. And it tasted very delicious!

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