Fennel & Chicken Quiche

Fennel & chicken quiche

I got back from Europe a few days ago and am in the process of using the ingredients I had bought in Rome. There were so many pictures and I have started posting them on Facebook. Europe was a wonderful experience and the fact that I have been able to go there makes it all the more ‘possible’ for future trips.:)
Making gnocchi or pizza at home but actually having them there was a different thing. Unlike some who went looking for Indian food, I stayed away from what we usually eat and it was a trial of different kinds of pasta, risotto and breads for me. One ingredient that I brought back was fennel. Although fennel seeds are widely used used in cooking, I have only seen the bulbs on cooking shows. At the moment, I do have fennel plants in a pot but I had scattered the seeds in order to use the dainty leaves as a garnish for my baked goodies.

Fennel bulbs

a).The shell before hitting the oven. b)Egg-washed & baked again c) Ingredients for the filling d) The braided embellishment e) The filling goes in…the wet ingredients were added later  f) Out of the oven.

The crust was blind-baked while I got the vegetables ready. I used one bulb of fennel and that was sliced vertically and they went into the oven for about 20 minutes. A drizzle of olive oil, some salt and ground black pepper were also added. The onions were fried in a bit of oil to which I also added the sliced carrots. The rest of the ingredients like boiled and shredded chicken, eggs, cream, grated cheese, a touch of salt, more pepper and fennel leaves were all added to the blind-baked shell. 

A slice of the quiche. This served ten people. I had taken it to my sister’s and the slices went off fast. More people in her house. Everybody loved the taste of fennel. As for the photos of the trip I shall be uploading them in my next post.

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