Prune & Custard Brioche Tart

Prune & custard brioche tart

Although I often bake tarts, I usually use shortcrust pastry. But a brioche tart had been on my mind for a while. I finally got around to making it the other day. It is still pleasant to work in the kitchen with the March showers making the weather a little cool. My only regret is that my mango tree has not bloomed this year. Not to see the blooms/tiny mangoes and the sparrows feeding on them/on the insects buzzing around them is certainly not a sight I am accustomed to. Not at this time of the year.

There’s a recipe for brioche buns here. I left out the raisins and orange zest and used the rest of the ingredients. I had used half of the dough for a trial run, baking a small tart without the custard and adding prunes and walnuts only. It turned out a little dry.
With this one, the dough rested overnight and the next day I used a 10″ ceramic pie dish. I didn’t roll the dough to cover the dish like one would do with shortcrust pastry but used it for the rim it would create to hold the filling.

Then I folded the border and crimped it. You can see here that I need to work on my crimping.:)

I made a bit of custard with three egg yolks, 150 ml milk, some cream, vanilla extract, grated nutmeg and sugar. I forgot to add the grated lemon zest so I scattered them on top before the tart went into the oven.
After about 40 minutes, the dough had risen so I made dimples all across the base.

The quantity of the custard was not much. This was made so that the prunes would have a moist base as an earlier small tart I had made turned out to be too dry for my liking. First the custard was strained and poured on the base. Then I arranged a handful of prunes. This was followed by a scattering of walnuts that were coarsely broken. The last was a scattering of grated lemon zest. It looked quite nice although my camera didn’t do justice to the dish.:(

Then it went into a preheated 180C oven for about 25 minutes. The browning happened soon so 15 minutes into the baking, I used a piece of foil to cover the tart.

This turned out to be one of the most delicious tarts ever! Now I’ll be looking at other options with fruits. There’s a whole brioche (tart) world out there waiting to be explored!

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