Chocolate Tart With A Coconut Crust

Chocolate tart with a coconut crust
Chocolate tart with a coconut crust

Because of our recent harvest of coconuts, I have been including them in a few dishes. But it was only recently that I came across recipes of pie crusts made with coconuts. I loved the idea. A crust that takes minimal time with no chilling/resting sounded too good to be true. So the grated coconut from which I had already extracted the milk for a curry came in very handy indeed. Otherwise it would have gone into the dough for either cookies or for roti.
You can see in the picture below that my loose-bottomed tart tin is ready for the oven. It wasn’t fine and it did give away in certain places but I ‘repaired’ those areas and I was happy that the shell remained intact.:) 

The coconut crust:
11/2 cups grated coconut (I have mentioned above that I used the grated coconut with the milk squeezed out for a curry)
About 5 tsp softened butter
2 tsp fine sugar
Blitz these ingredients for a couple of minutes and then spread the mixture on your pie tin.
Bake in a 180C oven for 10-15 minutes. Remove and cool as you prepare the filling.

The filling:
Dark  chocolate chopped into small bits
180 ml cream, I used Amul Fresh Cream 
2 tsp butter

Heat the cream and as it starts to come to a boil, add the chopped bits of chocolate. Turn off the heat. Add the butter and mix gently.
Let the mixture cool slightly before you pour it in the prepared coconut crust.
I added the pine nuts about 30 minutes later.
Chill for about 4 hours or overnight.
With chocolate tarts I usually chill them overnight and take them out about 20-30 minutes prior to serving.

I did not use exact measurements for the filling because I had some dark chocolate left in two different packets. You can see from the picture that the filling should have been a little more. But it set beautifully.

And the crust could have been more golden. Sigh. Maybe next time. But I was happy that I made it. Coconut crust and chocolate ganache is a marriage made in heaven!

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