Pineapple Salad

Pineapple salad
Pineapple salad

Between my last post and now, much has happened. I went on a short visit to Delhi in June end. The reason was that my son Nishant will be leaving for Vietnam soon to play with an American band there. Recently, Lakme, the Indian cosmetics giant came to our region for the first ever auditions for their Winter Collection. And among 109 girls, only two were selected. One of them was my niece, Suzanne. Our entire family is so excited at the thought of seeing Sue on the ramp and modelling/wearing famous designers’ creations. Can’t wait for August.:) That’s when it’s due to take place in Mumbai.

A small pineapple farm near my hometown

We are right in the middle of pineapple season now. The other day friends stopped by for dinner and they brought a couple of sweet pineapples from Meghalaya. The fruit reminded me of a trip we had taken last year to a small village in Meghalaya. Apart from the usual additions in a salad, usually served as a snack, this was garnished with toasted and crushed black sesame seeds. The last ingredient took the simple dish to another level. Sesame seeds are widely used all over the region but I think the consumption in Meghalaya is more. So here is the dish.
1 medium pineapple
2 green chillies (I used one green and the other ripe for the visual appeal)
The juice from a quartered lemon
Salt to taste
Sugar as per taste (optional)
A few sprigs of mint leaves (you can chop them up)
1 tsp black sesame seeds toasted and lightly crushed
Using a sharp knife, remove the ends of the pineapple. Peel off the skin and remove ‘eyes’. Halve the fruit and cut into slices. Remove the hard core and dice the fruit into bite-size pieces. Do the same with the other half.
Pour the lemon juice over the diced pieces. Season with salt. Chop the chillies and add them. Scatter the chopped mint leaves. 
Give the salad a good mix and transfer the contents to a serving bowl. 
Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top and if you like, decorate with a few more sprigs of mint. 
This is a refreshing in-between snack. If the pineapple is sweet, you can leave out the sugar.

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