Judima Festival & My Book Release

A year-old judima served with fried chickpeas

It’s been a while since I last posted.The reason is that with the Judima Festival coming up in my hometown, Haflong on 23 & 24 January, the organizers suggested that the book on Dimasa cuisine that I had been working on could be released there. Thankful for a platform like that I hurried to finish the book. It is about food that I grew up with and what I know best. Titled Shong Dima: Recipes From A Dimasa Kitchen some of the recipes are on my blog too. I had started writing the recipes a few years ago but it looked like I would never be able to finish it. This was the push I needed to finally get it to the publisher. We are leaving tomorrow morning to attend the festival and for my book release. 
Judima is the rice wine brewed by Dimasas. There will also be a workshop on several aspects of the brew including making it commercially viable. It will be interesting to see and to listen to inputs by knowledgeable people attending the festival. 
 And the other reason is that there’s major construction work going on in our house. With the flooding in summer, we are raising the floor of our ground floor by a several inches. I’m using our upstairs kitchenette and it is a little difficult with all the downstairs stuff shifted upstairs. The tiles are now being laid and  one room should be ready by next week. And if one is ready the rest will soon follow.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to dedicate more time for blogging in the coming month. And if I haven’t been blog hopping like before, I’ll surely be back at it again soon.:)

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  1. Bhaskar says:

    What is the price of your book? And is it available to buy?

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