Stuffed Colocasia Leaves

Stuffed colocasia leaves
Stuffed colocasia leaves

Our region has many different kinds of colocasia. The leaves, the stems and the tubers are all consumed. One variety that I like and grow, is this one with dark stems and leaves. Most varieties need to be plunged into boiling water and the water discarded or else the throat itches. This is because of the presence of tiny crystals of a substance called calcium oxalate. But this one does not ask for that ritual. Which is why the leaves can be fried as it is in the recipe here.

Colocasia from my garden

I chose the tender leaves from a small clump that has started to look good after the recent rains. The purple stems will go into making another dish later.

The hard portion in the middle of the leaf has to be removed. I thinned it down with a sharp knife before applying the batter to the inside of the leaf.
8 colocasia leaves
5 tbs chickpea flour/besan
2 tbs rice flour
1 tsp mixed spice powder (I used coriander, cumin, chilli and ginger)
A pinch of turmeric powder
1 heaped tbs masala from any pickle that you have (I used mango)
Salt to taste

Oil to fry

For the (dipping) batter:
2-3 tbs besan
1 tbs rice flour
Pinch of kali jeera
Pinch of salt
Wash the leaves and set aside. 
Mix the flours and spices in a bowl. Add the pickle masala and some water to make a thickish batter.

Ready to be dipped in batter and fried

Take one leaf and thin down the hard portion in the middle.
Rub the batter all across the inside of the leaf.
Fold as you would fold a packet. Place it on a plate with the end-flap portion facing downwards.
Repeat with the rest of the leaves.
Alternately if you want smaller packets you could remove the middle vein and divide one leaf into two parts.
The batter can be rubbed and the leaf, folded. To make it more secure you could use toothpicks.

Stuffed colocasia leaves

Mix all the ingredients for the batter with some water and make a smooth paste.
Heat the oil in a pan. 
Dip each colocasia packet in the batter and fry in the oil till golden, turning in between. Place on a plate lined with absorbent paper.Repeat with the rest of the packets.
Transfer to a serving platter and serve hot with any chutney or on its own.
There’s plenty of flavour and taste because of the spices. This is best eaten when it is still hot.
You could use your own preferred spice mix. This dish tastes good with these basic spices too!

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