Prune Tart

The last time I made prune tarts, I had written that it would be a joy to bake them again and again during the cooler months. It isn’t all that cool as yet but it’s October and the thought about how pleasant the weather will soon be made me want to bake prune tarts again. With almond pastry cream. The only difference from my earlier post is that the prunes were not soaked in rum. I think I’ll use those in December.:)

Ready for the oven (left), and fresh out of the oven

There is more reason to feel happy about the coming months as our summer floods were horrific this year. For the first time, our ground floor was inundated with water. Although the water didn’t remain for long, it did enough damage in its wake.

I am not adding the recipe in this post as the measurements are the same in the link to my earlier post given above. Instead of making 7-8 tarts I made one in a 9″ tin. I scattered the prunes and poured the pastry cream and then decorated the top with flaked almonds. My younger son is home now and with his friends dropping by, the joy of cooking/baking has gone up immensely…

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