Apricot & Almond Tart

It’s always a good thing to have some leftover pastry dough so that you can try out the recipe that’s been on your mind but never really got around to making it.:) That’s what I did the other day (and several times before with other recipes) with the orange-hued dried apricots that I had got from my Kashmir trip in March and soaked in rum a few months ago. All kept for the dessert I was going to make and the cake I was going to bake…but prunes came in the way and most of my baking included prunes and apricots remained where they were, in a jar sodden with rum.

Left: the dried apricots, and right, the rum-soaked ones

They were taken out the other day and a few were torn in uneven shapes, the seeds were removed, and then the fruit was placed on the prepared tart shell. Then some almond pastry cream was poured on top of the apricots. The shell was half-filled before slivers of almonds were placed on the top of the almond cream.

It went into a 180 C oven for about 25 minutes. It didn’t look all that tempting right then. But once it cooled down, I cut it into half. It looked beautiful with the amber tones of the apricots and the taste was lovely. I should be making more of this kind of tart in the days to come…

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