Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana kheer

The blogosphere has been sweetened to a great extent by posts on kheer, mainly the ones made with sago.:) I couldn’t resist the temptation as kheer is a dish that I love although sabudana kheer was something I tried for the first time. 
Sabudana or sago is extracted from the starch of the tapioca tuber. The commercial production of sabudana is in the shape of small pearls. It is an easily digestible food and is also said to have a cooling effect on our system. The pearls need to be soaked before they are cooked. They turn translucent after cooking and become soft and spongy. More facts on sago can be read here.

1/4 cup sabudana
1 litre milk
Condensed milk  (I poured out half from a 400 gram can)
A pinch of saffron
About 15-20 raisins
10 pistachios
10 cashew nuts
1 tbs ghee
3 cardamoms

Wash the sabudana in several changes of water and soak them for an hour. This will depend on the size of the pearls you are using. Mine were small and didn’t take long to become soft.
Wash the raisins and pat them dry with a kitchen towel.
Heat the ghee and fry the nuts for a minute or so. Remove and keep aside.
In the same oil, throw in the raisins and take the pan off the heat. The raisins will swell up and will not burn. Keep aside.
Transfer the milk to a pot. Crush the cardamoms and add to the milk. Heat it till it becomes thick and reduced.
Take a little bit of the milk from the pot and soak the saffron in it.
Add the pearls and cook stirring from time to time. When the dish almost reaches kheer consistency, add the condensed milk.
Then add the soaked saffron  with the milk it was soaked in along with the fried raisins.
Continue to cook till the dish reaches a creamy consistency.
Let it cool. Or you can have it chilled too. Before serving, scatter a few fried nuts into individual bowls.

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