Anjeer Ki Kheer

Ever since I saw  the post about kheer made of dried figs on Rafeeda’s blog The Big Sweet Tooth I had been literally dying to make it. What stopped me was that other ingredients were lined up to be cooked one after the other and since dried fruits had a better shelf life, my beloved figs and I had to wait…I have used most dried fruits in kheer before but not figs. I’m so glad that my haul from my Kashmir trip is finally about to get over. 
The kheer on Rafeeda’s blog was a guest post by Farrukh Shadab who blogs at Cubes N Juliennes Do check out both the blogs as the recipes are wonderful with amazing photography. Although the inspiration/recipe came from that post, I have added my own twist and added some of the ingredients that I had in stock. The measurements were kept almost the same.

1 litre milk+ extra to soak the rice, figs and almonds
10 dried figs
10 almonds
2 tbsp basmati rice
1 tbsp black rice
Sugar to taste
3-4 bay leaves
2 pods cardamoms, bruised
Pinch of saffron soaked in a small bowl of warm milk
Slivered almonds for the garnish

Wash the rice, drain and soak in milk for an hour or so.
Soak the figs and the almonds in the milk for about an hour.
In a separate bowl, soak the saffron.
Grind the figs and almonds to a coarse paste.
Heat milk in a pan. When it comes to boiling point add the rice. 
Cook till the rice is soft stirring in between. Kheer is generally made in a heavy-bottomed pan. The milk will be reduced to half when the rice is cooked.
Add the fig/almond paste. Keep stirring at regular intervals. Also add the saffron, bay leaves and sugar.
Keep it on the stove for a few more minutes. 
Take it off the heat and let it cool down.
The bay leaves and the cardamom pods can be removed from the kheer.
Chill for an hour or so before serving the kheer in individual bowls garnished with slivers of almonds.

I like using black rice because of the colour and the nutty flavour. But with all the other ingredients here, it didn’t make much of a difference to the colour.
With the sugar, I used only four teaspoons but the sweetness came from the figs also so it was all right. Sometimes the satisfaction of trying out a new dish/or new additions to a timeless dish gives me immense joy. This was one of those moments.:)

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