Mincemeat pies

Regular visitors to this blog know about my fascination for pies and tarts. The other day I had fried up some minced meat for another recipe. The left-overs went into these simple tiny pies. They were indeed delicious with the goodness of meat and a hint of spices in every bite!

There was nothing that I made exclusively for this recipe. The meat was already in the fridge and I also had some pastry dough from the tarts I had made earlier. Simply combined the two and the pies were born! They were brushed with egg-wash and baked till golden brown. The smells that filled the kitchen and the house had this baker drooling.;)

As I was photographing the pie I noticed that my potted strawberry plant had one fruit that was ripening! You can imagine my delight at such a wonderful sight!!

The imperfections of a home made pie can be seen in this picture. Alignment gone awry with the warp and the weft but as for the taste, nothing seemed wrong.:)
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