The Gourmet Jar

When I first read about Apeksha Jain’s The Gourmet Jar in the November issue of Good Housekeeping magazine I knew I had to taste her creations. It’s a feeling that is similar with a particular recipe that I have to make or bake when I first read it or see it on a food show. And that doesn’t happen with every recipe. I happened to be in Delhi last month spending time with my sons so we headed to Shahpur Jat and into Apeksha’s confiture shop. A new term for me. I’m not a jam person except for baking jam tarts and pies but boozy jam? How interesting!

The tasting table

The Gourmet Jar is pretty. Pink and blue shelves packed with jam jars tied with pink ribbons. The symbol of the French capital decorates one wall of this pretty store. Tasting banana jam on a holiday in France led to a business venture. Apeksha’s husband liked the flavour so much that he wanted her to recreate the same. The banana jam is absolutely delicious as we found out at the tasting table. With banana being such a common ingredient I’d never have thought that such a sensational taste could even be created out of this humble fruit. It is indeed the best jam that I have ever tasted! The other flavours that we tried out were Fig Contreau, Bitter Orange Whiskey Marmalade, Fig Orange Liqueur Jam, Spicy Onion Relish, Date and Prune Jam. All the jams have very little sugar added and no preservatives. Apeksha uses a lot of locally sourced fruits for her jams.

I wish Apeksha the very best. I hope many more delicious and interesting flavours find their way into the pink and blue jam shelves at The Gourmet Jar. 

Thank you for stopping by today. Would be delighted if you connect with me/Like my page on Facebook as well.🙂 I’ve been a little occupied lately. One of India’s best-known metal bands Undying Inc will be performing in our city on December 8 and the band members will be staying in our house. My younger son, Nishant, happens to be the drummer of this band. So you can imagine the excitement….regular posting will happen after the show is over!

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