Piece of cake!

It’s the season of cakes and baking during this time of the year is indeed the most enjoyable! I thought I’d be blogging more in December but somehow I’m spending more time experimenting in my kitchen!. The collage shows some of cakes I made recently. The latest to grace my kitchen/table was the chiffon cake. That’s the first photo in the collage.
I have mentioned before that I now have the book Baking With Julia and the chiffon cake is the second recipe I tried from the book. The recipe uses nectarines but I made do with good old apples. It’s such a light cake and the crunch in between comes as a pleasant surprise as you bite into it. I did save some of the streusel and strewed it on my plate on top of the cream. It was worth the effort of making it. I’m certainly not going into details here as most of you are such good cooks and must have baked chiffon cakes several times before.

Everybody loved the chiffon cake!

 The marble cakes in the collage also had two ripe bananas in them. They tasted pretty good. The last picture was an attempt at making a flour-less chocolate cake. Too rich for me…I don’t think I’ll be baking that anytime soon. As for the sugar my cakes aren’t as sweet as “normal” cakes. Next on my list is Rachel Khoo’s savoury cake and of course, the much-loved Dundee cake!

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