Back From My Bhutan Trip

Holidaying in Bhutan was such a wonderful experience that even now the mountains and the dzongs, the fruits of the season, and the swift-flowing rivers keep coming to mind. The weather was beautiful. Although daytime temperatures were almost like what we experience at home, evenings had a wintery kind of chill and I was glad I had packed something warm.

Paro, the beautiful town/valley has the only active international airport in Bhutan

Rinpung Dzong in Paro
View from our hotel room in Thimphu
Apple vendors on the way to Punakha Valley
With all the apples and the pears that we brought back I decided to make apple chutney and apple galettes. At least with the chutney, we’ll be enjoying the fruits for a longer period of time. Although the duration of the flight from Paro to Guwahati is only 35 minutes perishables never look their best after a journey. The pears will be used for a pie.
Apple chutney (left) and apple galettes

I used the tart apples for chutney and the sweeter ones for the galettes. Onions, ginger, some chilli powder (from Bhutan), a cup of vinegar, a bit of salt, a cup of sugar, another cup of vinegar all went into peeled, cored, and diced apples. It took nearly an hour for the chutney to be done. I also used the peel/core for the glaze to be used on the galettes. Boiled them up with some water and sugar for about half an hour. Then I strained the syrupy liquid. The glaze was brushed like heated jam on the galettes.

There’s more…the Farmer’s Market was a two-minute walk from our hotel and it was a delight to see the fresh produce on display. I also picked up some local cheese, butter, beans, more chillies, different varieties of rice, buckwheat flour, and sweet tomatoes. More on these in my future posts.

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