Polenta Tart

Seeing a lot of polenta cooked on TV, I got a packet (Agnesi) recently and tried it out. Many of you reading this must be familiar with polenta recipes but this was a first for me. I read up online and also referred to the recipes in the May issue of BBC Good Food magazine. Polenta is an Italian word for hulled and crushed grain. Sand-like in texture, it can be cooked in water or stock, eaten as a porridge or baked, fried, and grilled. I have yet to try out the other ways…baking was the first option.

I cooked the polenta , about 150 grams, in chicken stock first. Although I measured 500ml of stock, I didn’t need to use the whole lot. Then I let it cool before I emptied it into greased tart tins with removable bottoms pressing towards the sides as well until the tin was fully covered. The cheese I used was what was in the fridge at that point of time. Sold as Cheezza, it’s a blend of Cheddar and Mozzarella. Nearly 200 grams of grated cheese was used on the tart. Before the cheese went in I sliced three tomatoes and seasoned with coarsely grated pepper and very little salt. Although the recipe said that the polenta should be baked before the filling went in, I completely missed that. I baked the tart with the filling, till the cheese started to brown a bit. As for the taste, well, I loved it. And that gorgeous yellow colour would make you want to try it again!! There’s surely going to be more polenta-based dishes in my kitchen.

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