Watermelon Granita

Watermelon granita served with cream
With the heat in Delhi soaring beyond bearable, cool, refreshing drinks with lemony and watermelon-y flavours are high on my list. Recently I made a coffee granita  and we had it topped with cream. But today I decided to make granita out of water melon. It was so refreshing and the fact that this recipe calls for  very few ingredients makes it a pleasure to create this on an afternoon like today.

Since I’m visiting my sons and cooking in a kitchen with just the basics, I used an old frying pan as a platter to freeze the fruit. The blender wasn’t working so I used a fine grater. There were little bits and pieces of the fruit that wasn’t grated but it all tasted good. The syrup was made with two tablespoons of sugar and some water. After it cooled down, the finely grated fruit was added to it. Then to the freezer it went.

Pink deliciousness!

After an hour or so, I scraped the mixture with a fork. Now this action reminds me of scraping gravel in a Zen garden. It’s supposed to have a calming effect on the mind, and that’s exactly how I felt. That delicious pink and the fine lines left by the fork reminded me of designs made by a garden rake on gravel I had seen years ago in a dog-eared National Geographic magazine. Surprising, coffee did not have that effect on me. I did that two more times after nearly another hour had elapsed. Soon it was time to take it out in a pretty glass bowl and pour some cream. Bliss!!

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