Chocolate cake with  chocolate ganache and  glazed cherries

I was away from home for nearly a month visiting my sons in Delhi. So cooking there wasn’t the same as cooking at home with all my pots and pans, plates and platters, cake tins and ramekins in place.:) All my shopping trips there were to source the ingredients for my kitchen. They will be showing up in my future posts and dishes but I was really happy to get a kilo of cherries two days before I was to return home. I don’t live in cherry-region so as much as I would like to, decorating or cooking with cherries is not always possible. 

I made this chocolate cake yesterday  and decorated with glazed cherries. The rest of the cherries are pitted and will soon go into making  a sweet pie. With fruits that are abundant in our region, the idea of using them in desserts aren’t all that exciting. Cherries may be common for many of you reading this, but to me, it’s to be celebrated! I hope I’ll be able to get some more before the cherry season is over. My regular posts will resume soon. When I’m using cherries, how can I not blog about it?;) 

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