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Fish curry with coral jasmine blooms 1

Fish Curry With Coral Jasmine

The coral jasmine tree blooms from September to November. A yearly ritual is to make this kind of fish curry using the fragrant blooms.


Curry made of areca nut palm shoot

So much has happened between my last post and now. I am dividing my time between our home in Guwahati  and our second home in Haflong. It’s always a joy to be there and...


Quinoa Salad & Other Things

Quinoa, the wonder food does not often make its appearance in my kitchen. But it came in handy today as I wanted something really light for lunch instead of going through the rice/curry rigmarole....



Of late, I have been baking a lot with yeast. And the smell of bread being baked is so wonderful. A handful of ingredients and the house is filled with magical aromas…. The only...


Pineapple Pies

The other night I happened to watch Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook /Melbourne and that episode had some pretty pineapple pies. I couldn’t wait to get started particularly when all the ingredients were ready and...


Bejewelled Black Rice Salad

A salad of black rice, chicken, cucumber & pomegranate There has been quite a few posts of black rice on my blog and my latest is a salad that I made yesterday. I had...

Cake with ricotta 0

Ricotta cake

I was in Delhi recently but instead of haunting familiar places (for ingredients, need I say) I was down with a severe cold. Luckily my husband got some of the stuff that I needed...


Masur Dal With Amaranth Stems

Lentils cooked with amaranth stems One of the most common leafy greens we consume is the amaranth. Although they grow throughout the year they are at their most prolific during this season. Even though...