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Tomato Soup 0

Tomato Soup

I made an easy peasy tomato soup the other day. Tomatoes tend to get used more in sweet and sour chutneys than in soups. And to team it up with, I baked a dozen...

Tomato Chutney 0

Tomato Chutney

 I couldn’t resist photographing these tomatoes that we got from a wayside market with a backdrop of my tomato plants. A harvest that anyone would be proud of! As I write this a tray...

Tomato Chutney & Two Rustic Pies 0

Tomato Chutney & Two Rustic Pies

A bag of tomatoes and baby carrots came from my sister’s garden. She’s an avid gardener and produce from her garden is always welcome. We like to add tomatoes in everything and one tomato...