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Fish & Purslane Fritters 0

Fish & Purslane Fritters

The small variety of fish that I bought today reminded me of my mother’s fish pakodas and I kept some aside for the same. I remember with such fondness some of the simple but...

Purslane & Corn Salad 0

Purslane & Corn Salad

Purslane/corn salad with cucumber, tomato & onions I’m starting off September’s first post with a simple salad. Just like amaranth, the common purslane/Portulaca oleracea, sprouts amid my potted plants and in the ground each...

Time For A Quiche 0

Time For A Quiche

Eating up my greens:) I’d been thinking of making a quiche by using  some of the leafy greens that have cropped up in my pots. Spinach has always been a favourite but since other...