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Stuffed Chilli Pickle 0

Stuffed Chilli Pickle

Pickle of red chillies stuffed with spices The storm that brewed yesterday in the afternoon had a bark that was worse than its bite! Dark clouds, the roar of  thunder and a strong wind...

Yardlong Beans & Fish Curry 0

Yardlong Beans & Fish Curry

Yardlong beans & fish curry with joha rice and salad If it’s hyacinth beans in winter, summer’s for yardlong beans. They go by other names too such as snake beans or Chinese longbean. In...

Curried Eggplants 0

Curried Eggplants

I haven’t been very regular with my posts but picking up certain vegetables from the market the other day has inspired me to cook and blog about them. Soon we’ll be going on a...