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Corn (Manglai Maiju) & Chicken Soup 0

Corn (Manglai Maiju) & Chicken Soup

I have a weakness for this delicious multi-coloured corn that grows abundantly in my home district of Dima Hasao. These are available till the end of summer and we love them best either boiled...

Corn Pulao 0

Corn Pulao

It’s the season of amazing maize! Fragrant, delicious, glutinous and in colours that range from the deepest purple to almost everything in between, they are a joy to behold and to eat!:) We love...

Savoury Corn Muffins 0

Savoury Corn Muffins

I was away for a few days and couldn’t post. I’d gone to my hometown and on the way back we bought multi-coloured corn from small growers. Known as Manglai maiju in our language...