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Jackfruit Rendang 0

Jackfruit Rendang

One of the best curries in the world is, no doubt, rendang. I have used chicken, pork and mutton on separate occasions for this dish. But yesterday I used unripe jackfruit for rendang. Ingredients:...

Jackfruit Fritters 0

Jackfruit Fritters

I had been waiting for the rains to work on my plants. These past few days I was rather busy repotting my alocasias and anthuriums, and planting bahanda, a herb that we use in...

Jackfruit Curry 0

Jackfruit Curry

Ingredients for the curry It’s jackfruit season in our region now. The tender ones are usually made into curry or pickled during this time of the year. Mid-summer is when they ripen and till...