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Savoury Pumpkin & Hung Curd Tarts 0

Savoury Pumpkin & Hung Curd Tarts

Continuing with my pumpkin post this is a tart made of pumpkin and hung curd. I did look around for recipes and finally chose one with butternut squash and ricotta tart and substituted the...

Strawberry & Hung Curd Tart 0

Strawberry & Hung Curd Tart

Strawberry and hung curd tart Looks like there’s going to be a lot of baking this month. With shortcrust pastry, a bit of the dough gets left over and I use that for the...

Hung Curd Tart 0

Hung Curd Tart

  And the sun finally made an appearance today after what seemed like February going backwards. To celebrate the occasion I made a hung curd tart. The weather was such that moving about from...