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Dal Jodhpuri 0

Dal Jodhpuri

As in most Indian homes, dal is a staple in our house too. You just don’t measure or think about the ingredients when you make regular everyday kind of food. On days I don’t...

Gatte Ki Sabji 0

Gatte Ki Sabji

Today’s recipe comes from the north western state of Rajasthan, a state known for its history, kings and palaces, and food that is unique to the region. I have visited the state twice and...

Tendli Talasani/A Dish Of Ivy Gourds 0

Tendli Talasani/A Dish Of Ivy Gourds

Tendli talasani My interest in Konkani food (from the Konkan region in the western coastal belt of Maharashtra, Goa and some northern parts of West Karnataka) developed with the visual feasts that graced the...