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Challah Bread 0

Challah Bread

Fresh out of the oven challah One particular bread on my mind was challah. According to Wiki, challah is a special ceremonial Jewish bread, usually braided, and eaten on Sabbath and other Jewish holidays....

Pinca, Croatian Easter Bread 0

Pinca, Croatian Easter Bread

Pinca, Croatian Easter bread The Google community Foodie’s+ challenge for this month was the Croatian Easter bread known as pinca. The bread which is also known as sirnica or pinza is (from Wiki) a...

Leaf-Shaped Fougasse 0

Leaf-Shaped Fougasse

Leaf-shaped fougasse I’m fascinated by leaf shapes in baking. Which is why I often find myself cutting these patterns on bread dough.:) And it helps that the recipe is the same as foccacia which...