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Braided Bread, Pesto & Labneh 0

Braided Bread, Pesto & Labneh

Braided bread, pesto & labneh September means the beginning of the end of summer. And it’s a thought that brings joy! This month it’s going to be mostly about bread and apples. I have...

Floral Nutella Bread 0

Floral Nutella Bread

I don’t often indulge in Nutella deliciousness but as I was going about my usual pantry replenishment yesterday, I couldn’t resist reaching for a jar. But getting an ingredient like this makes you wonder...

A Marvel of A Bread! 0

A Marvel of A Bread!

There are some food images that haunt you till the food spirits coax you to not waste precious days or weeks in replicating it. Or in trying to replicate it. This happened to me...