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Mudru Shamlai/A Dimasa Dish 0

Mudru Shamlai/A Dimasa Dish

Mudru Shamlai Picking the first bottle gourd from the vine in my back-yard today the thought that came to my mind was, mudru. The other ingredients like the leafy greens, chillies and beans are...

Raita made of bottle gourd 0

Raita made of bottle gourd

Raita made of grated bottle gourd Raita…so much a summer accompaniment. Minty or oniony, with cucumber or potatoes, boondi or fried brinjal, a touch of chilli, a dash of coriander, a combination of sweet...

A Simple Fish Curry 0

A Simple Fish Curry

  This simple fish curry is made with bottle gourd. Like dal and bhaji (fried veggies) fish curry is as common in most households. Either on its own with a blend of spices, or...