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Black Rice Chicken Biryani 0

Black Rice Chicken Biryani

I love reading The Telegraph, our local paper that has always described itself as ‘unputdownable’. One perk that comes on Sundays is the magazine called Graphiti. And on my top list of weekend reading...

Tri-colour Chicken Biryani With Cucumber Raita 0

Tri-colour Chicken Biryani With Cucumber Raita

Much before Independence Day draws near, the colours of our flag light up a million spaces and invariably my thoughts turn to the beautiful combination of saffron, white, and green. Around this time of...

Mutton Biryani 0

Mutton Biryani

Biryani with mutton The combination of rice and meat or vegetables is always a wholesome and comforting meal and I’m glad I made mutton biryani for lunch today. It turned out to be just...