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Going Bananas With (Banana) Jam 0

Going Bananas With (Banana) Jam

Whole-wheat banana loaf with banana jam and chocolate I have a small clump of banana plants in my backyard and last month’s harvest was wonderful. There was plenty of sharing with friends and family...

Banana Jam Cake With Canola Oil 0

Banana Jam Cake With Canola Oil

Banana jam & jam cake On our recent trip to my hometown we came back with a lot of garden produce Among them were several bunches of bananas given by my husband’s aunt. Although...

The Gourmet Jar 0

The Gourmet Jar

When I first read about Apeksha Jain’s The Gourmet Jar in the November issue of Good Housekeeping magazine I knew I had to taste her creations. It’s a feeling that is similar with a...