Jackfruit Kulfi

Jackfruit kulfi

Every time we go to our old hometown, we come back laden with the best of organic fruits and vegetables. It isn’t that we buy so much produce. Most of them are gifted by family and other relatives. And we love to stop at wayside stalls where people put up their backyard garden produce for sale. And buying such produce is also helping small growers. This time the haul included multi-coloured corn, colocasia, pineapples, Burmese grapes, yard long beans, banana blossoms, Burmese grapes, pineapples and jackfruits. Most are distributed again here once we get back home. The joy of sharing goes on…

I kept only a small amount of jackfruit to try out a few recipes and this is one of them. It’s from an old issue (2013) of Good Food India magazine.

100 grams ripe jackfruit (seeds removed)
220 ml milk
100 grams condensed milk
A pinch of saffron
30 grams sugar
10 grams cornflour
2 tablespoons pistachio, chopped

Puree half of the jackfruit and mash the other half. Set aside.
Put 200 ml milk and the condensed milk in a pan and let it come to a boil. Once it reaches boiling point, reduce the flame, let it simmer and add the saffron, sugar and the jackfruit puree. Cook for about 10 minutes.
Take the rest of the milk and mix the cornflour. Add this to the pan. Let it cook for 4-5 minutes and switch off the flame. Add the chopped pistachios and the chopped jackfruit. Mix well.
Let the mixture cool for about 20 minutes. Pour into kulfi moulds and freeze overnight.
To serve, warm some water in a pan. Place the moulds in the water for 10-15 seconds and take out. The kulfi will slide out easily. Serve immediately.

When I tasted the mixture, I thought it was a little too sweet. But once the kulfi was ready, I tasted and found the sweetness to be just right. Mine wasn’t as firm so I had to be fast with the pictures.:)

As for the seeds, they go into so many other ways of cooking. One of my favourites during this season is a mix of pumpkin shoots, leaves and jackfruit seeds. These are cooked with minimal spices and with very little gravy. A good accompaniment to rice, dal, and chutney or pickles. 

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