My European Trip

Eiffel Tower at night

My recent trip to Europe went very well and we were in three places in three countries. Paris, Brussels and Rome were places that I had only dreamed about. Each was so beautiful and I hope I can visit a few more places in Europe before I die.:)
When I said ‘yes’ to the trip I was so excited about visiting Europe that I momentarily forgot about my knee pain. A quick visit to meet my mother in August made it worse. But a month’s physiotherapy really helped and I feel blessed that I could walk like the others in the group. Except for dragging my right leg on a visit to The Pantheon, everything went all right.

Wine & cheese tasting in Paris

So happy to see these fruits

In Paris, we gorged on the local fruits still in season. Although the supermarkets in Delhi store these fruits (I see them on my occasional visits) I hardly buy them as they are frightfully expensive. The memory of gorging on fresh raspberries and blueberries in a busy Paris street will forever remain. 

First sight of the Seine from the tour bus.
Sweet temptations in a French bakery

With my craze for pies and tarts, I tried out many different kinds. The peach tart was to die for (pictured in the collage below). Unfortunately, our peaches turn acidic when cooked or baked. There they remain as sweet as ever. By the time we got to Italy, I was done with tarts. And although the hotel had an array of sweet baked goodies, I went for the savoury ones.

Some of the many meals we had in a bistro in Paris

Except for the peach tart, the rest were taken at the two bistros we visited in Paris. Food was wonderful. Although I have had snails before, the French style of cooking takes it to another level.

View of Paris from the second floor of Eiffel

One of the most famous statues in Brussels, Manneken Pis. There are many myths about the origins of this statue. One says that the boy was lost and was found by his father a couple of days later urinating on the spot where the statue now stands.

Waffles. There were so many kinds with various toppings. I opted for the plain one and it was delicious!!

There were quite a few shops selling runners, table cloths, doiles and other lacy stuff. I spent some time talking to this cheerful lady. She had just returned from Rome and we were to leave the next day so the conversation was all about Italy!

A street in Brussels
Geraniums and other blooms in Brussels

Not much of buying but a lot of window shopping.:) Leaving you with the shot of some beautiful jewellery. Next stop, Rome. Including the same here would make the post too long. I hope you enjoyed going through the pictures!

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