Broccoli & Strawberry Salad With Sweet Bavarian Mustard Dressing

I had never been innovative with salads preferring to stick to the ones I was familiar with. Like a cucumber/tomato/onion combination or cabbage/carrot/spring onions, you know, certainly not varied. It is only after I started blogging that I started looking at salads with much more respect than before.:) This is a salad that’s good to snack on if you’re peckish. The broccoli still has a bite to them as they were blanched only for a couple of minutes. 
The mustard for the dressing is a brand of sweet Bavarian mustard gifted to us by our German guests, friends of my children.

I clicked this picture of Dario and Kathi outside our front door just before they left. I’m so happy with our German connection. It started with my sons studying in Delhi where they met. And now Dario’s mother, Christina, is a good friend of mine. We often mail each other, talk about our lives and our children and the signs of our times.:) Some friendships come late in life but remain solid for eternity…
1 cup broccoli
5 strawberries
1 medium onion, peeled and finely sliced
5-7 toasted almonds, sliced
Edible blooms
I used a small broccoli so the stem was removed and the whole head was plunged into boiling water. I took it out after a couple of minutes and plunged it into ice cold water to stop the cooking as well as keeping it a vibrant green. After it had cooled down, I cut off the florets and they went straight into a bowl.
To that I added hulled and quartered strawberries and the sliced onions.

The dressing:
1/3 cup strained yogurt
2 tbs mustard
A dash of salt
2 tsp honey
Freshly cracked black pepper, as per taste
If the strawberries you are using are sweet, you can reduce the amount of honey. Ours are quite acidic.
Pour all the dressing ingredients in a small bowl and mix it thoroughly.
Now add the dressing to the bowl where the other  ingredients have been placed. If you feel that the mixture is a little too thick, you can thin it down by adding a bit of water. Mix well and then transfer the contents to a serving platter. Scatter the sliced almonds and top with the edible blooms.

I had never used such a dressing before. But it tasted so good! There will be plenty of trials for other recipes before the mustard gets over…

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