Jamun Smoothie

Jamun smoothie

My break wasn’t intended to be this long. My younger son was home and two of his friends from Nepal stayed with us for a few days. So blogging took a back seat and stayed there! And the berries kept me busy! I have been making something or the other starting with jamun jam. And jam is usually not for the slathering on toast but more to add that gorgeous purple to cakes and other desserts. Haven’t started as yet. I may try out something new after the season ends. It’s such a short-lived season so we have to make the most of it while we can.

Jamun smoothie

In this collage you can see the ripe fruits, the smoothie, jamun jam and jamun chutney (bottom, right). I came across this recipe from an earlier issue of Good Food magazine.
Jamun Smoothie:
To serve 6, you’ll need—-
2 cups jamun, seeds removed
4 cups curd
Salt to taste
Honey to taste
Crushed ice 
A few mint sprigs to garnish

Put the berries and the curd in a blender. Add the salt and the honey.
Blend the mixture till smooth.
Divide the ice among six glasses and pour the smoothie in them.
Garnish with the mint and serve chilled.

Jamun smoothie

This is one of the most refreshing drinks ever. Particularly on days when the temperature levels are threateningly high and there’s no sign of rain. A drink like this can save your life!:) And I’m glad my small hydrangea plant had a cluster of blooms that was exactly the colour of this jamun smoothie!

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