Year-end Guests & Quiches!

A groupie in our front-yard before heading to the airport.

2014 ended on a busy and interesting note as we had three guests from Germany. They were here for a week with a lot of travelling thrown in and they did get to see some of the most beautiful areas of our region. As usual I was busy with my cooking but there wasn’t much of photos and posts. You really need some alone time for that. In between cooking I munched on excellent German cakes and chocolate that Dario’s (one of the boys) mother had sent. So many of them, an assortment of goodies, each tasting better than the other. As for the boys, they loved the curries, the stir-fries and the baked food. The last meal they had before they left was a couple of medium quiches. One included ham, and the other, paneer.
The picture above also shows the latest addition to our family, the cutest little pup, an Alsatian. Mika, that’s what my son has named him, keeps us on our toes!! He came into our lives on December 10 and it hasn’t been the same since!

Paneer quiche

For the paneer quiche, I used 200 grams of paneer. I cut it into squares and fried them with a bit of salt and pepper till they turned golden brown. As for the pastry dough, I had kept several batches in the fridge and kept on using as and when needed. After the pastry shell was baked blind, I layered the bottom with the fried paneer. Some of the squares were crushed so that the layering was even.
Then some fried onions went in with finely cut spring onions. On top of that three cubes of Amul cheese went in. I did not grate the cheese but tore them off into smaller uneven chunks. Then a mix of three eggs and about 150 ml of cream went in with a seasoning of salt and pepper. The quiche was baked for 30 minutes at 180C. Towards the last ten minutes of baking I brought the temperature to 160C as I didn’t want it to get into a darker brown than what is shown in the picture.

Layering the fried paneer (left) and the cheese broken into bits
Quiche made of ham, spinach & spring onions

Another quiche that was also relished was made with ham, spinach, and spring onions. What a joy it was to cook for people who appreciated all the food that was placed on the table. My sons and a few more friends joined in so it was a full house for a very brief period.:)

The Bridal Veil, a variety of clerodendrum blooms in my front yard. I wish all my blog friends and visitors a wonderful 2015! 
                                                       *Happy New Year!*

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