Potato, Leek & Broccoli Pie

Potato, leek & broccoli pie

And pie it is again. A savoury vegetable pie with bits and pieces of chicken thrown in for good measure. With my boys preferring savoury to sweet I threw in as many vegetables in a pan of well-seasoned chicken stock. Potatoes, leeks, and broccoli were cooked till done. Then I added about half a cup of cream cheese and gave the mix a good stir. More pepper went in before the filling cooled down and went into the pie shell. Although the browning looks like it is a bit too much, the taste was fine. And here in my sons’ student accommodation, the oven I am using is much smaller than I have at home. I did cover the pie with the last piece of silver foil but it didn’t cover the whole pie!

Unsalted butter from the Farmers’ Market & the ‘before/after’ shots of the pie

I had earlier picked up some wonderful unsalted butter at the Farmers’ Market and it was a pleasure to incorporate it into the pastry dough. There’s no recipe in this post because the only measurement I made was to see whether there would be enough filling for the shell/tin. When I saw there was space for more, the broccoli florets went in. So it turned to be more of a very mixed pie!! But the combination was delicious. As I type this not a crumb remains. My boys and their two friends along with my b-i-l finished it off. Good for me as I have another excuse to go and bake another one!:)
Thank you for stopping by today. Happy December!

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