Amandine/Almond Tart

I am still hooked on to Richard Bertinet’s book titled Pastry. And with all the nuts that came in the Diwali hampers I am on a baking spree. With glee! After all nuts are pretty expensive. And this part of the year is just right for the recipes that start with almond cream….
The almond cream is the base for many of the tarts in the book and is a staple in French desserts. Even the name Amandine sounds so lovely! I have made quite a few of recipes with this ingredient as you might remember from my posts. So I won’t be including the entire recipe in this post. I simply cut down the quantity of the almond cream for this recipe as I used an 8″ tart tin. The recipe in detail, from the book, is given in this post about Prune & Rum Tarts.

I like to bake these tarts well-browned. The dough was rolled much bigger than the tin and the overhanging dough was folded inwards and pressed. So that resulted in a thicker pastry border and less dough was left over. The flaked almonds on the top makes it look even more attractive.

The tart is a wonderful accompaniment to tea or coffee. And whoever has tasted it has raved about it.:) With that kind of ingredient(s) can the taste be anything else?

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