Lemony Coconutty Cake With Perilla Seeds

The other day I baked a cake with poppy seeds. I followed a recipe from the internet and it all turned out very well. But I used the lighter shade of seeds, so they didn’t show up well in the pictures. Since I didn’t want to go and get more seeds when I already had what I needed the idea of using perilla seeds came to mind. 
Called shnem in our language it is mostly used for savoury dishes. The seeds are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Other parts of the plant also has medicinal properties but the seeds are commonly used to resolve problems like asthma, prevent cough, and even help with constipation. Source.The seeds are toasted and added to the dish known as mudru. They are also toasted and ground, mixed with roasted chillies, herbs, and finely chopped onions into a chutney. Or they are soaked and mixed with spices and chickpea flour and made into pakodas. I love the taste of the seeds and thought the cake would look good dotted with the dark little seeds.

The cake would have looked even better with some frosting but I get worried about the sugar intake so I left it out.  The piece of cake in the foreground is the poppy seed cake. The crunch in the lemony cake was wonderful.

Perilla/shnem seeds

For the cake I used the basic cake recipe of using the same amount of sugar, eggs, and butter. One cup each with one and a half cups of flour sieved with a teaspoon of baking powder. I had about a third cup of toasted seeds (done some days ago) which I soaked in 100 ml of coconut milk for about 15 minutes. Other ingredients that went in were vanilla extract, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of lemon rind. It was baked in my new bundt tin at 180C till it looked like this.

As for the taste I have no complaints. I loved the taste and the texture. The crunch from the seeds make a wonderful difference to this cake!

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