Lemon cake with lemon dressing

If yesterday had stretched to infinity I wouldn’t have known. Because I’d have been baking!:-)) I have mentioned in one of my posts that after our old bedroom was converted into a jamming pad, we have bands coming here to jam and I look after this. With musicians who jam for long hours a tea/coffee break particularly with freshly-baked goodies is most welcome. I took the opportunity to sell my cakes, buns and muffins to a bunch of (hungry) musicians who needed to hone their skills for about 6-7 hours at a stretch.^ _^

Mango muffins

And what fun it was to bake knowing these would fly off (the shelves). There were no complicated recipes. It was more about throwing stuff in together and putting them in the oven. You can see from the pictures, cracks and all, the way my muffins usually turn out but not a crumb remained!!!

Chocolate muffins

 The only one where I made a little more effort (in squeezing the juice out of the lemon and grating the rind) was for the Donnna Hay inspired lemon cake with lemon dressing. I had posted this before here.

Sweet little buns

These little sweet buns go so well with tea so I included them as well. I used white sesame seeds for scattering on top. Turned out well. Can’t say the same every time I bake bread/buns. It isn’t ever day that I provide the eats and the tea or coffee but on days when the pad is booked for several hours at a stretch, my day is made!

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