Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers

The other day I came across these pumpkin flowers in the market nearby. The were tied in little bundles and wrapped with leaves. I couldn’t resist the sight and thought of these blooms fried in batter. We usually have them fried with eggs or dipped in chick pea batter with a hint of spices. And when I was much younger, I’d never have imagined that one day I’d be buying these blooms. In my mother’s garden the plant took over a great deal of space and the blooms were countless!

Instead of the usual way I stuffed them with a mix of paneer and Amul cheese, a dash of salt and a large pinch of freshly ground pepper. I knew the taste was going to be somewhat like this one. Then I dipped them in a light batter of flour and eggs, fried for a few minutes till they were done. What could have been easier and faster than this?! I only had to be careful with the salt as the cheese contains a lot of it. So with a dish that can be done in a jiffy I’m not going ahead with the recipe. It was more of a dash of this and a touch of that.:)

A “fresh” bouquet!

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