Lemon Tartlets

I spent the major part of the afternoon yesterday making two batches of shortcrust pastry, one batch plain and the other with the addition of cocoa. There’s some cooking chocolate sitting around so I thought I’d better get going. Maybe double chocolate tarts, a layer of dark chocolate and another of white. Drool! But chocolate can wait for another day as the hot weather calls for something sweet with a bit of tang and these little lemony delights happen to fit the bill.

It’s been quite a while since I made these tarts and that was when I made an extra effort with candied zest and mint for extra flavour. The bits and pieces of lemon rind in the picture above were only used for decoration. The recipe was also from my previous post here. That was for one large tart but I used the same measurements to make these mini ones. As for the pastry with cocoa, I’ll be making chocolate tart-lets later. And here’s a picture of the lemon tart I had made earlier. Regular readers might remember seeing this picture on my blog. It’s now on my header photo too. I’m not including the recipe here since I have given the link to my previous post. 

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