Mango Chutney

This year April has been a cruel month with the temperature soaring to 40+ degrees. I wonder what torture lies in wait for us in the months of May and June. Thank God Mother Nature provides some other jewels of the season in the form of water melons and mangoes. The last of my amaryllis lilies are still blooming but the petunias are about to call it a day. 
With tender green mangoes on my tree, I have had the raw chutney a few times. It’s basic. Peel and grate one or two mangoes. Add sugar and salt. Mix. Add one chopped green chilli and a few sprigs of chopped mint. Drizzle a bit of mustard oil and give it a mix. Enjoy.

But today I made the cooked variety. The recipe is almost the same as for tomato chutney I had made earlier. This type of chutney is usually made with acidic fruits, sweetened with sugar or jaggery and some spices.

5 green mangoes
3 tbs mustard oil
A few Indian bay leaves
Panch puran-a mix of five whole spices consisting of fennel, cumin, mustard, fenugreek and nigella seeds
A quarter tsp of turmeric powder
1 tbs red chilli powder
A quarter tsp yellow chilli powder
Salt to taste
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp coriander powder
Grated jaggery, half a cup or more depending on how sweet you want it

Wash the mangoes and wipe with a kitchen cloth.
Cut lengthwise without peeling and remove the tender seeds.
Heat the mustard oil in a pan. When it comes to smoking point, add the bay leaves and the panch puran
Add the magoes, cook for a few minutes.
Then add all the other spices. Sprinkle some water as powdered spices burn easily. Keep cooking.
It doesn’t take long for the mangoes to cook. Once they are nearly done, add the jaggery.
You can taste at this point as green mangoes are acidic and more jaggery might be needed.
Stir gently and as soon as all the jaggery melts, remove from the flame.

This chutney is a great addition to rice/dal/vegetable meal and also goes very well with Indian flat-breads.


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