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One fascinating part of our visit to Kashmir was driving though saffron country. As far as the eye could see, the way we talk about rice fields in Assam, the saffron fields ended in the horizon.

How beautiful the fields must be when the  saffron crocus/Crocus sativus blooms. Miles of purple blooms. Maybe I’ll plan an autumn trip to Kashmir just to see the blooming fields.

Signs like this one greeted us all along the saffron route. Everywhere the trees were devoid of leaves but the sights were breathtaking.

Shops sold spices like shah jeera, cardamoms, cinnamon, ready-made masala pastes, rajma, and all kinds of dried fruits. The pine nuts were from Afghanistan, pistachios from Iran, and many shops sold honey from Pakistan.

The haul with most of the walnuts finished. The red chilli powder, biryani masala, and the mint powder were bought in Srinagar.

I made some Kashmiri rajma today. The beans are smaller than the usual rajma. The dish cooked with onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and red chilli powder turned out to be delicious!

Puffed lotus seeds(left) and kheer made with it

And the saffron went into makhana kheer/sweet dish cooked with puffed lotus seeds and milk. Although I usually have saffron in my pantry, it is not a spice that I use on a regular basis. But dishes like pulao and kheer come alive with the addition of a pinch of this wonderful ingredient.

I can’t resist ending my post with more images of the beautiful landscape of Kashmir. Thank you for stopping by today.

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