Orange Cake With Gowardhan Gulab Jamun Mix

Time for afternoon tea and it’s an upside down orange cake!

This cake was inspired by a lunch at my friend Smita’s place. It wasn’t regular cake flour or all-purpose flour that she used but a packet of Gowardhan gulab jamun mix for the cake in the trifle pudding. The menu was Mexican with enchiladas, rice, chicken, salad, a corn dish with cauliflower puree instead of using white sauce. Every dish was a delight. But it wasn’t just lunch for me because I came back with a haul. And that consisted of Italian basil plants, chives, lemon grass, a packet of Gowardhan mix and light corn syrup. One good thing about food blogging is that relatives and friends want to give me extras from their stock since they know I’ll be putting them to good use!:)

Muti-coloured bougainvilleas in bloom at Smita’s place

Smita lives in a house with a spacious garden. It’s always a treat to walk around her garden. The picture above shows the path leading towards the backyard. More bougainvillea here and a couple of flowering weeds on the flower bed. No wonder the butterflies come in amazing numbers! There’s always something interesting like the kite’s nest across the pond and the huge hive that the bees left behind. As we sipped our juice and snacked on delicacies, a the vivid blue of a kingfisher flashed past and a mongoose was busy going around its business….

I took pictures of some of the fruits of the season. Seen above are (left) custard apple and (right) star fruit. Coming back to the cake, I loved the taste in the trifle pudding.

Smita’s orange souffle and trifle pudding

With the imminent end of the orange season, I’m using the fruit like there’s no tomorrow!! And what better than an upside down orange cake with the zest, the juice and sliced oranges? I used half of the mix (the packet is of 200 grams), three eggs, about 80 grams of sugar, a quarter teaspoon of baking powder, two oranges for the topping, the juice of one whole orange, a teaspoon of orange zest, and a tablespoon of yoghurt. I used an 8″ round cake tin. The only thing I had to be careful was that the mix tends to brown faster than regular flour. A piece of foil placed on top of the cake tin took care of the browning.


The cake, as with all citrusy cakes was moist and delicious. I couldn’t resist taking the cake upstairs on my terrace and photographing it against the (almost) setting sun. The sky this afternoon was a beautiful orange.

 Meanwhile I hope the basil, chives, and lemon grass do well in my garden. As I type this, Smita and her family are in the city of Sochi in Russia for the Winter Olympics. Her son-in-law Shiva Keshavan is the first Indian to compete in Luge at the Winter Olympics. He’s the fastest Indian on ice and the youngest ever Luge Olympian in the world. I wish him all the best. May he do our country proud!

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