Seaweed & Fish-ball Soup

When my b-i-l’s Korean friend brought some extra tins of seaweed, they invariably found their way to my kitchen. Laughing all the way I must say.:) Excess food from the kitchens of my siblings and relatives have always been welcomed. In most cases, the way to everyone’s heart is indeed, via the stomach!!
Anything coastal has been the occasional squid sitting on a crowded beach in Chennai. Although I have been trying out global cuisine in some form or the other, seaweed wasn’t really on my list. Looking up online I was amazed at the nutritional values of the humble seaweed. Apart from that I did check out some sites but checked out my fridge and brought it all together in a form of a simple but wholesome soup.

There was some fish so I made fish balls with pepper, salt, and an egg yolk. The other vegetables that went into the broth (fish again) were peas, carrots, two types of brassicas, and lastly, the seaweed was added. It was more like a delicious garnish as it soaked up the flavours from the fish and the veggies. I loved the taste and am now thinking of hmm, a salad or another kind of soup….

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