Braiding In The New Year!

Braided bread topped with sesame seeds

 I’ve been busy  entertaining family and friends which kept me away from blogging. But the joy of working on recipes is much more when there are many {mouths:)}to sample them. To see my braided bread and the orange sour cream cake relished gave me such satisfaction that I spent an afternoon baking the Finnish pulla bread today. The bread in the first picture actually started as a pulla but I didn’t add the cardamoms and finished off with sesame seeds.

Orange& sour cream cake with orange/honey drizzle

It’s such a joy to bake with seasonal fruits considering the fact that we don’t have many to choose from. I mean the ones that are good for the oven. So a citrusy cake it was with sour cream and drizzled with a mix of honey and orange juice. The cake was indeed a delight.

The Finnish pulla

 I have always been fascinated by braided breads and going through Baking With Julia, with photos that make drool every single day, I finally baked the Finnish pulla bread without missing out on any ingredient except the pearl sugar. I used the traditional flavouring, powdered cardamom fresh from the pods. Like brioche this bread has eggs and butter. I even made a bow, brushed the bread with egg-yolk and topped it with flaked almonds. I’m on to the second recipe from the book and the feeling is what you get when your mission is accomplished. I’m hoping to try out many more recipes from this book this year. And a start to the new year this way must be a good sign!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and thank you for stopping by today.

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