Apple Cake

Honestly, I didn’t think January would pass by so quickly. I had thought about blogging more regularly but a bout of illness and a great deal of cooking left me with not much time in blogdom. I hope that isn’t the case with most of you! 
This morning we had a fancy version of eggs on toast and I was left with a the whites of six eggs. I had often thought about making these bacon and egg breakfast cups but never got around to it. You can check out this link here. With breakfast done I checked out my fridge for what I could team the egg whites with. Macarons? No, something else. Finally settled for a cake with an apple topping. 
The recipe uses the usual ingredients except that the eggs are in the form of egg whites only. I used two sweet apples for the top layer. The cake was baked for 25 minutes and yes, it turned out to be yum!:)

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