Upside Down Banana&Guava Caramel Cake

I usually look at plenty of food pictures during my spare time and one that I fell in love with (recently) was the picture of a banana caramel cake. I saw it on The Daring Gourmet and of course I had to bake it. But it isn’t exactly the same since I tweaked the recipe a bit. Instead of using mashed bananas in the cake mix, I used guava paste. Banana and guava flavours blend beautifully as they did in this moist and delicious cake. I did not use any glaze on my cake either. 

The Topping
I took a 9/4″ loaf tin and spread 6 teaspoons of sugar in it. Dotted the sugar with about 10 grams of butter. Then I popped it in the oven at 175 for about ten minutes. The sugar had by then turned to a golden brown. Took it out of the oven and let it cool before I added one large ripe banana, placing each slice next to the other on the caramel. Not too much sugar you must have noticed (for the caramel) as we (my husband and I) cannot have anything that is too sweet.

The Mix
100 grams of sugar
100 grams of butter at room temperature
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Half a cup of guava paste
130 grams of flour sieved with a teaspoon of baking powder

Beat the eggs well and keep aside. Cream the butter and the sugar then gradually add the beaten eggs and vanilla essence. Also add the guava paste blending it well into the mix. Then fold in the flour. Pour the whole mix into the tin on top of the banana roundels and the caramel. Bake at 180 for 40-45 minutes till a skewer inserted comes out clean. Let the cake cool for ten minutes or so before you take it out of the tin turning it upside down. Serve the cooled cake slices with whipped cream.

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